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All of FEI's courses were originally offered in live presentations by Andrew J. Galambos and other faculty members from 1961 through 1987. Subsequent offerings of most courses were presented via audiotape copies of the original lectures with supporting visual aids. Following the cessation of live course presentations in 1987, FEI’s courses were available only through a limited number of tape course contractors.

Now, the trustees of AJG’s natural estate trust have expanded FEI as a mechanism for proprietary distribution of his ideas through streamed digital content, and via other distribution media.

The courses listed below represent a sampling from FEI's course catalog that are either currently available or planned for availability in the near future. Current availability is shown where applicable.

The Science of Volition – The basic course of the volitional sciences; originally developed by A. J. Galambos as Course 100 (first presented in 1961), V-50 contains subsequent refinements that are prerequisite concepts for V-201. V-50 provides an overview of the problems that destabilize human civilization, and develops the general specifications for a solution to those problems.

Availability: Currently available as V-50DD via digital distribution by online subscription.

Please see the V-50 course information page for course details and enrollment information.

The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Paine, and Your Freedom – A fascinating look into the life of Paine, whose significance has been temporarily eclipsed by political, cultural, and ideological prejudices—the same prejudices that falsely equate the American War for Independence with the American Revolution, which are two distinctly different phenomena. The course presents compelling evidence that Paine—not Thomas Jefferson—is the true author of the Declaration of Independence. Galambos explains what was truly revolutionary about the American Revolution, and how it differs from all other revolutions in history. Most importantly, the V-76 lectures show why it is now more urgent than ever that we apply those principles for our own survival in a social climate that is increasingly repressive of our liberty.

3 sessions

Availability: Previously available for purchase on CD. SOLD OUT

Elementary Physics – Physical science from an advanced and most fundamental point of view; includes discussions of kinematics, Newtonian mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, optics, wave mechanics, and elementary atomic physics. Suitable for those who have no previous background in physics and only a minimal background in mathematics, as well as for those who have an extensive background in either subject. While not a prerequisite for the volitional science ("V"-series) courses, students who have taken P-100/101 have consistently found that its approach to scientific method greatly enhances their understanding of FEI's other courses. Includes important content on scientific epistemology, the philosophy of science, and the purpose of life.

45 sessions

Marx 1 vs. Marx 2—The Greatest False Alternative In History – Building on the general principles presented in V-50, V-111 provides a far more penetrating analysis of the problem, and explains why the American Revolution’s ouster of monarchy was insufficient to create freedom. The course provides deep insights into the real nature of the problem for those who wish to avoid the mistakes of the past, and is essential to understanding the problems for which V-201 is the solution. Originally presented in 1968, V-111 is even more relevant today, and includes the original 11-session presentation, plus the 1970 and 1973 extensions.

17 sessions

Prerequisite: V-50DD

Availability: Currently available as V-111DD for qualified individuals via online subscription.

The Nature and Protection of Primary Property – This is the most important course of The Free Enterprise Institute. V-201 presents the solution in detail to the problems generally outlined in V-50 and analyzed in depth in V-111.

49 sessions

Prerequisite: V-111DD

Availability: Currently available as V-201DD via digital distribution by online subscription.

Positive History – This course presents an entirely new concept of history, correctly identifying the origins of the most constructive aspects of human civilization. It reveals how the current concept of history negatively biases the future of the human species, and how the new concept of history provides a firm historical foundation upon which to build rational expectations about a better future.

19 sessions

Prerequisite: V-201DD

Positive Journalism – This course is a major application of V-201 principles to nearly every aspect of volitional communications. The applications in this course are necessary to reach the far side of the bridge to freedom. This material must be understood by every rational and moral individual who hopes to build such a bridge. The course is vastly more important and more fundamental than the title implies. VC-283 is one the Institute's most advanced courses.

28 sessions

Prerequisite: V-201DD

Positive Production – This course develops in detail the main work to be done by those who actually intend to build a durable civilization. It provides essential information to innovators and producers in all fields, and to those who aspire to swim upstream toward greater creativity and productivity.

43 sessions

Prerequisite: V-201DD

The Free Enterprise Institute's catalog contains over 50 courses spanning a wide variety of subjects, all based on or related to the science of volition. At this time only the courses listed on this page are available or planned for production in a digitally reproduced format of the original taped courses. Please check here at a future date for the availability of additional course offerings. To inquire about a specific course, its availability, eligibility requirements, and tuition fees, please click here to contact us.



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