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This is the official website of The Free Enterprise Institute™ (FEI), founded by Andrew J. Galambos (AJG). The principal purposes of this site are to provide:
  • a preliminary point of contact for prospective students
  • an information access portal for qualified users
This site provides introductory information about volitional science in general and about course V-50 in particular. No other website is authorized by the Trust to do so, or to promote V-50 or the term "volitional science" in connection with the work of Andrew J. Galambos.

FEI advocates specific ideological principles, but the purpose of the publicly accessible portion of this website is not to teach those principles. That's what the FEI courses do. We can provide you with access to information; what you do with it is up to you, but if your purpose is to use it to interfere with others (or with us), this site won't give you easy access to that information.

Much of the content FEI plans eventually to include in this site will be available to users who are specifically qualified for access to it. Qualification levels are graduated in accordance with users' comprehension of the content of FEI courses (as distinct from mere completion of the courses), and is established by demonstration in their behavior. Your intentions matter. Your behavior matters more.

Finally, if you irrevocably believe that fundamental societal change for the better is dependent upon persuading the majority of people to believe in a specific political perspective or ideology, it's unlikely that FEI or its courses have any information that will interest you.
The banner header photos for this site were created and supplied by NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute, funded by our tax dollars—and yours. That makes them "public property", which of course is an oxymoron that means they are not property at all. If everyone owns them, no one owns them. We have used these images under the terms of the Hubblesite Copyright Notice because we appreciate the irony inherent in the implication that a Federal bureaucracy embodies the spirit of galactic aspirations. If that irony escapes you, we recommend you take course V-201.

"If I have seen farther than others it is because I
have stood on the shoulders of giants."
–Isaac Newton