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Welcome to the official website of The Free Enterprise Institute™ (FEI), founded by Andrew J. Galambos (AJG). This is the only site authorized to represent AJG's works in volitional science. If you're looking for high-leverage knowledge and tools to build a stabilized, durable civilization, immune to politics, religion, and war, you've come to the right place.

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about FEI
The Free Enterprise Institute (FEI) was founded in 1961 by astrophysicist Andrew J. Galambos (AJG) as a private teaching and research institution. The Free Enterprise Institute's purpose is threefold:
  • To study the perennial problems that afflict human society—problems for which all previous systems of governance have failed to provide permanent solutions—and to develop practical solutions to those problems

  • To explore and implement new paradigms in human interactive systems that provide the highest rewards for intellectual accomplishments that benefit the greatest number of people without harm to others

  • To promulgate those solutions to those who can best use them in self-organizing systems that rely on natural incentives to optimize creativity, productivity, and innovation

Andrew J. Galambos developed The Free Enterprise Institute's course of study in volitional science to approach persistent societal problems from a unique perspective that applies the methods of science to an understanding of human behavior based on general principles that motivate all human interaction. The Free Enterprise Institute's original course V-50 contains the fundamental exposition of volitional science as originally created and further developed by Andrew J. Galambos. More advanced expositions are contained in course V-201, The Nature and Protection of Primary Property, and in other graduate-level courses.

The Free Enterprise Institute curriculum contains numerous courses applying volitional science principles to such diverse and important areas as economics, history, psychology, personal relationships, ecology, consumerism, communication, and innovation. Our course catalog also contains a special course of instruction in physics, which is a unique integration of the content, history, philosophy, and epistemology of physical science.

The Free Enterprise Institute's course of instruction comprises educational products for individuals who are inclined to think for themselves. We emphasize quality of comprehension over quantity of enrollments. We do not advertise, nor are we seeking a mass market.

The Free Enterprise Institute is an information resource for those who wish to effect positive, durable change in human society. Historically, such changes result from truly revolutionary innovations in human knowledge. As explained in course V-50 and especially in course V-201, the most significant positive achievements in the evolution of human civilization have been created by individuals whose innovations have consistently bettered the human condition.

One characteristic of such achievements is that they do not require promotion via large-scale, transient popular ideological causes or political movements. Rather, the most significant advances have always been irrevocably self-propagating because they implement practical, universally beneficial changes at the most fundamental levels of societal interaction.

The Free Enterprise Institute's ultimate purpose is to effect such changes.


"If I have seen farther than others it is because I
have stood on the shoulders of giants."
–Isaac Newton